Monday, October 11, 2010

Media class exchanges

For the Media class, we had to attend a meeting with students from different nationalities especially two American students. Several topics have been discussed, and in these lines, I am reporting the most interesting on my point of view.
One of the topics was the best and the worse cities to visit in the United States. Warm climate was the main characteristic to consider when someone wants to visit a city. One of the American student who has been travelling a lot throughout the States has found that people are less friendly in big cities than in small cities. Some members of the group pointed out that Detroit seems to be the most dangerous city in the States. New York might be a good place to go but its expensive life, its crowded and sometimes dirty streets make it very difficult there. Chicago is as expensive as New York, but the blues and its good weather in summer time make it a good place to go. Are you interested to drink a lot of beer? Then, Milwaukee is waiting for you, the big beer people location. 
According to the American students, usually people in the States like to have variety. For instance, in music, people are interested in different kinds of rhythms such as Country, R&B, Rap, Hip Hop. However this eclectic character doesn't stop some rhythms such Rap to become very popular. This great variety in people and their choices always made people in other nations to consider the United States  as a country of big opportunity. Nonetheless, The Americans think that people may have freedom in the States, but opportunity is everywhere in the world. As  a matter of fact, the recent financial crash showed that the USA are not better than many other countries.